black powder gun kits

Black Powder gun Kits

Kit Assembly

Building you own black powder gun kits can be fun and rewarding. It is also a cheaper way to get started in this shooting sport of black powder shooting if you like to work with your hands. With black powder gun kits, the assembly requires only just a few common hand tools to make a muzzleloader that you will be proud to own and show.

Tools to have would be several sizes of screwdrivers. You will want to make sure that the screwdriver fits the screws correctly so you do not scare the screw slots up. This can made any finished black powder gun look bad. A small wood carving set like a Xacto Knife set, also light hammer for setting any hold down pins. Spot grease for checking metal to wood fit. Metal files will be needed too if your metal parts need any shaping or finish work along with wood files for any wood filling that may be need to do.

For finishing the wood on your muzzleloader, you will need sand paper of several grades of coarseness. You also may need to get gun blue or brown, if the metal parts in your kit are not finished.

To make a small amount of spot grease, use a small portion of any grease or vanillin. Add to it some powder from a charcoal briquette that you get by sanding with fine sand paper. You will just dap this lightly on your metal part and try it for fit in the stock. This will leave a black smudge where the two touch. Just make sure to use a very thin coat on your parts. Do not let the grease soak into the wood and stain it also.

It does not matter if you are building a pistol or a rifle kit. It will all be the same as far as the assembly and finishing goes. The first thing to do when you get your kit is to take all of your parts out and do an inventory to make sure you have everything per the instructions.

Take your kite and assemble it per the instructions. Note if the parts go all the way in the stock to the proper depth. If they do not go to the proper depth, use the spotting grease explained above. Once you have it all together, note also how much wood there is to sand. If you end up sanding too much off, your metal parts will be too high and not look right.

When sanding you’re stock before staining and finishing. Make it slightly damp with water between sanding. This will raise the wood's grain and also made a harder surface. This will also keep the stain from raising the grain too when finishing it.

Your metal parts that need to be finished can be sanded also. On your final sanding as with the wood, keep your strokes all going the same way. Any cross sanding will show up when the finish is applied. Furthermore, be careful not to round edges off that meet up with the metal. Just remember that the better the sanding job, the better the finish will look.

Once you get everything finished and the parts are thoroughly dried, you can do the final assembly. Now you are ready to take out your new muzzleloader and learn how to fire it. Make sure to follow the manufactures instructions. Never use anything other than black powder or its approved substitutes in your gun.

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