Black Powder Gun Kits

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Building Your Own

First thing you should consider before going out and buying the parts you need to build your first Black Powder Gun is, how much time do you want to spend on this project. Also how many tools do you want to invest in. Do you have the place ( work shop ) to be removing a lot of wood when building from scratch. Or would you be better off looking at some black powder gun kits?

If this is your first time building a black powder gun you would be better off starting with a pistol kit. Find one that has all of the parts already inletted into the wood. With this kind of kit you will do just final inletting and sanding of the stock. Then you will stain and finish the wood, Blue or brown the steel parts and in some cases polishing any brass fittings, such as triggerguards and buttplates.

Tools Needed for this kind of Kit Building

Easiest and Fastest Way to Go

With building a fully inletted wood kit you can get by with a good set of EXACTO KNIFES. These are good for lite work. You will be only removing small amounts of wood. Metal files for any forming and cleaning up of the metal parts. Sand paper for the stock and metal part finishing. You will have to decide if you want to brown or blue the finish of any steel parts such as the barrel, trigger and hold down pins. Most muzzle loaders were a brown finish on all of there steel parts. This was done by a controlled rusting process, usually by applying some sort of mild acid or chemical to the steel.  


Tools for building a gun from scratch

   Longest and Hardest way, but its Your Custom Gun

   Power tools for this kind of black powder gun build would be a drill press, table, band saws and wood router. Table saw can be used to get rid of most of the wood for inletting your barrel. The band saw to cut away any excess wood on the stock blank before any inletting. You can get by with some heavy wood chisels and course wood rasps to do this by hand. You will have to have a very sturdy bench with a good vise bolted to it. A good set of carving tools is a must too. Veriouse sized wood scrapers for inletting. Drills and taps for metal. Fine and course and different shaped metal files for shaping and finish work. Bench grinder with a polishing cloth wheel and polishing compound for the finishing of any brass parts. These parts are often in the rough cast state when bought by them selves, unlike a kit gun that has them semi finished. Good hacksaw with several different blades for cutting different thickness metal. Good screw drivers so not to round out your screw heads when installing the finished ones when done.

To buy EXACTO KNIFES and carving tools you can go to eBay for a good selection. Millers Falls No 107 and 106 are good carving tool sets. They are made with good steel and will hold a sharp edge.

Inletting you will want to use Jerrow's inletting black and Gold. It will show you the high spots that need to be taken out in order to inlett your part.

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